Boi Bumba, Sinhazinha, Parintins, Pajé, Garantido, Caprichoso


Traditionally the Parintins folklore festival used to take in the last 3 days of June. Starting from 2005, it will be scheduled for three days covering the last weekend of June.

Parintins is a city in the northern Brazilian state of Amazonas. It is 370km East from Manaus , the state capital, a journey that is 420km long by river. The city is on an island, and holds around 100,000 inhabitants.

The flight from Manaus takes less than an hour. The route is serviced by Rico Linhas Aereas ( Those who prefer a boat ride on the Amazon River must be ready for a 20 to 30h trip. Most boats have hammocks where the passengers can sleep. There are extra lines to Parintins in the days that precede the festival, and it's easy to find a seat – or a net – in one of them.

There is a wide range of accommodations in Parintins, from low-end hotels to cabins in fancy boats. There are also houses that can be rented during Festival days.

Reservations for hotels, plane or boat tickets and Bumbódromo tickets should be placed in advance, since the Festival is the second largest folklore event in the country.

      Text: Sheila Cirigola